Hi I'm Alec, a Web Software Developer living and working in Minnesota.

I've loved making things for as long as I can remember (or maybe just taking them apart to see how they work). I got my start with computer and the command line on a Compaq Presario at the age of 5. I remember copying something like CD \ CommanderKeen.exe from a note my uncle had jotted down for me.

I started to get into web development early in high school. MySpace was all the rage, and I was a go-to resource for helping my friends customize their top 8. I even landed a small gig helping to maintain the local sailing association's website. In college I minored in New Media Studies and interned as a web developer for the University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies.

I started my professional career doing SEO and digital marketing for a small law firm. During my time there the firm tripled in size and my role grew to encompass all-things IT, including developing several web properties for the firm and its sister companies. I then transitioned to an WordPress-focused agency called Westwerk where I gained exposure to AngularJS and other frontend frameworks. Notable clients I had the pleasure of working with include RJM Construction, Versiqueand Rush River Brewing.

I then moved on a fantastic opportunity to join the talented team at Ackmann & Dickenson. A&D had some more-complex web application work and I was excited to help and learn from the experienced engineering team. One of the main clients I had an opportunity to work with was Beachbody. There I helped improve the Team Beachbody Coach platform, leveraging tools such as React and AWS Lambda. Another major client was Cordillera Communications. I lead a team of developers to create a high-availability CMS for content sharing and weather events. Other notable clients include Summit Brewing,Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, Crystal Farms Cheese and Element Electronics.

Ackmann & Dickenson was eventually acquired and merged with Modern Climate. After the merge I moved to a fullstack web development position at Surgio Health where we built solutions to prevent Surgical Site Infections through digital governance of the sterilization processes. Our tech stack was Laravel, Vue, Tailwind with tests written using PHPUnit, Jest & Cypress.

Currently I'm happy to be building amazing digital products at Livefront.

Moving forward, I'm interested in expanding my knowledge into the realm of cybersecurity. I'd also love to learn and work with new tools and programming languages.